Translating the guide

Translating the guide is easy, no need to any other software, all you need is a github account!

Some languages already have translated versions of the guide. If you don’t have a version in your language, here is how to do it.

1. Create a new language folder

In github, under the breadcrumb - ppi-prirucnik / guide / there will be a plus symbol [plus icon]. Click on it and enter your two letter languages code. Add a slash (‘/’) after the two letter to create a folder.

2. Create a page folder

Now you will see your language code and a plus symbol [plus icon] on the breadcrumb. Add a page name that you want to translate in English and add a slash at the end.

3. Translate the content

You will now see a new plus symbol [plus icon]. Add the file name ‘’.

In the text editor add the following front matter:

section: guide
lang: The two letter code for your language
title: The title in your language

Translate as usual.

4. Create a pull request

If all good, we will add it to the site.

Repeat for other parts of the guide if needed. That’s it, you are all done!
Thank you for helping us to make the guide accessiable to others!